Custom Print Your Clothes

Image showing a green crewneck sweatshirt and a pair of blue jeans. Arrows pointing to the clothes saying "stamp here" "stamp here." Graphic displaying the option to get your clothes custom printed.

I have a few options for getting your clothes custom printed, so please read carefully!


Option 1 - Artist's Pick 

Send in your clothing item to receive the stamp(s) I've chosen to be featured for a short time. 

Price: $45

How it works 

You send in your clothing item to receive a preselected stamp that I have chosen. The Artist's Pick will change every few months. There will still be opportunity for you to make some choices. For example, I'm offering the Heart Stamp both framed and unframed and you can choose if you want it on the front or back of your shirt. 

If you want the featured stamp but also want other stamps added to your clothing item, you must go with option 2. 

If you're interested in option 1, click HERE


Option 2 - Choose Your Stamps

Fully customizable (limited to the stamps I have created) 

Price: Starting at $40 (for 1 stamp), additional $4 per stamp

This option allows you to send in any article of clothing that meets the requirements (listed below) and allows you to pick from any of the stamps I have available. This option is very collaborative as you get to also choose the placement of each stamp. You'll be sent a detailed Google Form that allows you to design the piece you desire. (To preview the Google Form, scroll to the bottom of this page). 

If you're interested in option 2, click HERE

To see all the available stamps I have click HERE


Option 3 - Local Drop Off

Local SLC people, this one is for you! Meet me at a market and drop off your clothes there. 

You can still choose from either option listed above, but if you don't want to pay for shipping your clothes to me, then you're welcome to drop them off at any market I'll be attending. PLEASE NOTE: You MUST already purchase which option of printing you want BEFORE coming to the market. I require that you show me your receipt before dropping off your clothes. If you drop off your clothes without showing me your receipt and confirming with me that I've put your name on your item, then please consider your clothes donated to my monthly clothes drop bin ;) 

To see what markets I'll be at click HERE


Other IMPORTANT Details 

Because you have to pay to ship your clothes to me, I offer FREE return shipping on all custom clothing orders. 

Types of clothing I accept: cotton, cotton blends, linen, denim. Please, NO yoga pants, spandex, nylon, or 100% polyester. 

PLEASE wash your clothing before sending it to me.

While I am confident in my printing abilities, there is the possibility that a major misprint occurs. If this happens, I will contact you with a photo of the piece. You can decide if you like it enough to pay a discounted rate or if you'd prefer a full refund, or store credit. This will only be offered for unsalvageable misprints. Please keep in mind that the nature of hand carving stamps and hand printing on clothes will come with minor imperfections.

This process will take 1-3 weeks. 

Washing: I will heat set and wash your item before sending it back. The ink will fade slightly after the first wash. This is normal. You should be able to wash your item normally once you receive it. :) 

For either option, you must make your purchase first. Within 24 hours you'll be sent an email with a link to a Google Form that will walk you through the process of customizing your clothing. After submitting the Google Form, you will receive another email with the address for shipping your clothes to me. Please fill out the form and mail your clothes within 1-2 weeks of receiving the email. To preview the Google Forms, scroll down to the bottom of the page.