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Custom Clothing - Choose Your Stamps

Custom Clothing - Choose Your Stamps

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This is Option 2 for custom printing your clothes. In this option, you can send in a T-shirt, long-sleeve shirt, hoodie, crewneck, jacket, pants, sweatpants, or shorts to have stamps of your choice printed on your clothing.

The base pay for this option is $40, which includes 1 stamp. From there, every stamp is an additional $4.

Each individual stamp counts as one. Even if the stamp has a matching/inverted counterpart, those count as two separate stamps. There is ONE exception to this rule. The Long Wildflowers, can be printed multiple times and count as one stamp. Because it can take multiple stamps to get down a whole pant leg or sleeve, I want you to be able to have that as an option while still choosing more stamps. You're welcome.  :) 

Otherwise, if you would like one stamp printed more than once (example: you want two cacti), those would count as two separate stamps.

Check out all the stamps I have available, and decide how many you want before making your purchase. 

Please note: These photos are for example purposes only! You are purchasing a custom-printed item, meaning you will send me one of YOUR clothing items. 


Thank you :) 

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How It Works

This option allows you to send in any article of clothing that meets the requirements and choose from any of the stamps that I have available. This option is very collaborative as you get to also choose the placement of each stamp. You'll be sent a detailed Google Form that allows you to design the piece you desire. 

Once you make the purchase, you'll be sent a link with a Google Form to make your selections for ink color and placement of the stamps. *To view the Google Form before-hand please scroll to the bottom of the General Info Page.

To view the entire collection of stamps I currently have available, click the link below.

A Few More Important Notes

Free shipping on all clothing customization orders!

Types of clothing I accept: cotton, cotton blends, linen, denim. Please, NO yoga pants, spandex, nylon, or 100% polyester.  

PLEASE wash your clothing before sending it to me.

While I am confident in my printing abilities, there is the possibility that a major misprint occurs. If this happens, I will contact you with a photo of the piece. You can decide if you like it enough to pay a discounted rate or if you'd prefer a full refund, or store credit. This will only be offered for unsalvageable misprints. Please keep in mind that the nature of hand carving stamps and hand printing on clothes will come with minor imperfections.

This process will take 1-3 weeks. 

Washing: I will heat set and wash your item before sending it back. The ink will fade slightly after the first wash. This is normal. You should be able to wash your item normally once you receive it. :)