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Elephant Print 8

Elephant Print 8

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Every one of my hand-pressed prints is a unique, one-of-a-kind piece. 

Buying an original print means you're the only one with that exact piece. 

The nature of hand-pressing wood or linoleum means that the lines of each piece may vary each time they are put to paper. Some prints may be darker or lighter. Sometimes ink will build up and fill in certain areas more than the print before it. Often, I make tweaks and edits after several prints, which may mean some have more texture in the background while others have more blank space. I also like to print on a variety of paper, which gives the same image a new form of expression. 

I hope that as you look through the individual prints you find one that speaks to you. 

Below you'll find the number of the print (according to the order printed), the date it was printed, and the type of paper it's on. 

The dimensions of the elephant are roughly 6" x 6.5" but because it doesn't have a precise border that could vary slightly depending on how you trim it.  

Elephant Print #8

Printed on 4/15/23

Paper: Toned Tan 

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